The New Plan

Basically it’s intermittent fasting plus calorie counting. Macros to come later. Keto? Maybe.IMG_3198.jpg


I want to only eat when hungry and I want the meals I do eat to be of value. I have found myself eating mindlessly recently and that ain’t good. I love fasting because it forces me to re-evaluate food and its role in my life. I love eating but it has to be more than just finding mouth pleasure.

I plan on making my first meal of the day pretty dense in nutrition and accompanied by fermented products like kimchi, natto, tofu, miso, and others. I want to get away from peeling apart a breakfast sammich from cling wrap and frying some tater tots in the guise of “hash browns” even after eating all the baby leftovers (waffle, quesadilla, Cheerios, etc.) and not being remotely hungry doing so.

Fasting is terrific. My body eliminates better, has a chance to heal, and has a chance to rest and recover from the previous day. I find I work better fasted and will hopefully incorporate some workouts while fasted. Also I really love coffee and green tea.

I have a propensity towards fatty foods and when fasted I can’t stand them. Beer smells like rot. Whiskey smells like poison. A buffet is sensory overload of things I do not want. I crave rice and vegetables, soy, and meat. Real eggs and warm water.  It’s nice to revisit fasting a few times a year.


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