Body by Ramen

Yes it’s a result, but maybe not what we are looking for.


I have seen knobs of butter and spoons of lard disappear into soups and broths that do not go down the drain. They go somewhere. Empty bowls fill the sink but not the broth…

I have flavored porkfat and schmaltz with garlic and scallions cooked to varying degrees to add depth and dimension to one of up to 4 bowls of soup in a day.  I have spooned cold blobs of solid fat into boiling hot soup to watch their spread over the surface of the soup and contemplated making latte art with burnt garlic oil and tonkotsu broth.
I have contemplated buying fatback to put into soup and then take out at an opportune time and put into a blender to give me more smooth fat. To put into soup. To eat. What in the actual fuck am I doing?

A few pops of fat and some noodles and toppings you can easily create a 2000kcal bowl of food. No exercise regimen on the planet can help with that.

The most dangerous lift is the bowl to my face

Ramen is wonderful. It is such a fun hobby and rewarding in so many ways. It has been described as an analogue to barbecue, to pizza, and to tacos in terms of regionality and in terms of when it is most popular.  Calorie dense, drunk food for the 3AM journey home after last call. What do you want? Taco bell. Pizza. Ramen. Pho. Grease with a side of grease.


So it should be no surprise that making, crafting, documenting, and experimenting with calorie dense drunk food has had some predictable consequences. Time to reign it in.

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