Milk Street Japanese Noodles Page


If you are like me and appreciate scientific thought and processes as it pertains to food you have no doubt tuned in to America’s Test Kitchen from time to time, whether on PBS or that short stint on Amazon Prime.  They do the dirty work for you and fail on your behalf. They would then present to you a tried and true recipe born of toil and failure.

Chris Kimball recently left America’s test Kitchen for his own magazine and show. I picked up the most recent copy on newstands at my local mid- levelMilk street Japanese Noodles luxury grocer. Disappointing day of bad breakfast sandwiches and bad sushi and cold coffee and a lot of rain. I was a spectator to Austin’s own Aaron Franklin in a meeting held in the Cafe. That was neat.

I love illustrations like these. They romanticize what may be a starchy pack of dry noodles in a bag and make them something worth having.  They gloss over the fact that shirataki noodles smell like the bad part of an Asian mart. They call it ‘earthy’ when earthy means ‘shit’.

Things are happening soon. Keep tuned.



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