iFAR… or I FAR. hmm. How about IFAR?

Hello all! I am opening up a new segment that will also go up on the Youtube channel weekly that is going to be called “IFAR” or “iFar” or “Ifar” but basically it is going to be that I FOUND A RECIPE AND HERE I GO MAKE IT AND EAT IT WHAT COULD GO WRONG.


I see a ton of ramen recipes online and there are the very good and most definitely the very very bad. And some are just from bad sources or are trying to push a certain product or sauce.  I have seen ramen recipes in grocery store checkout magazines and in local food scene magazines. All of them are pretty vague, using soy, mirin, miso, and heaps of brown sugar in the broth.  Youtube especially is great for recipes, good and bad. Recipes can be great and can evoke nostalgia  – I feel it somedays when I am transcribing a comprehensive recipe from broken English late at night – recipes can be golden if done right and there is attention to detail. On the other hand, bad recipes yield bad food and a lot of waste.

Stock photo –  shit I’ll make some Chalupas…

If you find a recipe for ramen somewhere, take a screenshot and send it my way at uncommonramenchannel@gmail.com. I’ll make the recipe for better or for worse and I’ll tell you all how it went.

Pictured above: not actual equipment owned or operated by the Uncommon Ramen Channel

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