I have a couple of sleep trained babies. This means I will finally have the time and focus to capture the research I have been doing and progress that has been simmering in the background. Shoot maybe I’ll drag out the hours of footage I shot last year and post it up onto YouTube. Finally….

Instant Pot Filipino style Adobo Version 1.0

I actually made a decent pot of adobo and it was FAST 1lb chicken thighs (bone in or boneless, your choice) 2lb pork Shoulder, Cubed into 1.5″ pieces 1.5 cup vineager, your choice (I had Apple cider vinegar laying around) 1 tbsp ground black pepper (honestly the more the better) 1 cup soy sauce, again…

My imaginary menu

  Have you ever daydreamed from within your current job about having a job that engages your passion? I dream often of running a broth based business and have created several menus dozens of times over. I might even be brave enough to share one of them someday. My imaginary restaurant would also serve the…

The Process

I am writing with no clear goal here but here is what is up: I had some luxurious free time when the babies were asleep and we were all in the kitchen. My wife and I had made our way to a local HEB and I was stocked up with pigs feet, a chicken carcass,…

Life happens. But then life finds a way

Making my strides back to the blog after the arrival of my second baby. Somehow until you’ve overcome the 4 month sleep regression it doesn’t seem so important to make low moisture noodles and perform studies on the extraction and concentration of umami in the kitchen lab. I’ve not been totally idle, however. I did…

Yoshi Ramen, Austin Texas

I wanted to do a write up while my memory is still fresh since I have been fortunate enough to go out to a bunch of ramen shops in Austin this week because of work. Yoshi Ramen comes to Austin as the sister restaurant to Veggie Heaven, a wildly popular Asian-inspired vegetarian comfort food place….

On Being an Adaptable Cook in Any Home Kitchen

If you are like me and have logged more hours on Food Network rather than the latest in reality TV or DragonThrone or WalkingZombieDrama then you may have become the family foodie. You no doubt are asked for recommendations for restaurants in any geographical location and you are kept on speed dial when things go…

It’s nice living here in Austin….

Blog link! Re-posting this blog – these guys do a fair bit of travelling and they love Austin’s own Ramen Tatsu-ya. I really need to make use of the fact that it is literally 25 minutes from my desk. I need to fix that. I do live in a decent ramen town. What we lack…

iFAR… or I FAR. hmm. How about IFAR?

Hello all! I am opening up a new segment that will also go up on the Youtube channel weekly that is going to be called “IFAR” or “iFar” or “Ifar” but basically it is going to be that I FOUND A RECIPE AND HERE I GO MAKE IT AND EAT IT WHAT COULD GO WRONG….

Oh what a weekend!

Hey all! I did quite a lot this weekend in the way of ramen goodness. I will be shipping out a new video tomorrow night on the YouTube Page as well as plenty more ramen visits and recipes coming up this week!