Pho real? Part II: Pho With Us

Pho was my first real love in Austin and I have a long history of spots and menu items. Pho tai, give or take some flank or brisket. Add the herbs, sprouts, and sauces and make for yourself one of the greatest dining experiences known to man. Pho Saigon has always served as the benchmark for good pho- a middle of the road offering that has stayed oddly consistent over my decade in Texas.

See Boggy 1 on pho here

Enter Phonatic, Saigon’s cool hip little brother – soda fountains and serve yourself condiments. Sports on tv. The very best bahn mi slider pork bun in Austin for the money for at least 4 years. I honestly was upset if I spent $7 on food anywhere else because in the back of my mind I knew I could trade $7 for three bahn mi sliders. They were that good.

Unfortunately life happened and the manager passed away. The south location near me slid into lesser quality with higher prices. I stopped going. The north one remains but it’s so far away.

The spot closed down apparently and reopened as Pho With Us, and I was a skeptic.

I was never happier to be so wrong.

Pho. Outstanding. Aromatic, salty, hot as hell and flavorful.

I loved the pho here. Just enough meat and a tangle of chewy rice noodles to take in all the broth. This was heaven. I am in heaven. I don’t want to leave heaven. So I order more food.

Grilled pork bahn mi. Holy hell no regrets here. I think getting there right as they opened guaranteed fresh bread- in any case this baguette was perfect and toasty and filled to the rim with pork and pickled veggies. The mayonnaise was seasoned well and the pork is flavorful by itself.  I fear for my waistline as there is a legit bahn mi shop across the street.

Needless to say I will be back and back very very soon.

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