Moar upgrades

If you know me in real life (IRL) you may know that yesterday was my 40th birthday.

Birthdays for me have always been a mixed bag. I have a fantastic set of friends who love nothing better than to systematically torture and revive me on my birthday. In recent years March 8th has always been a massive cramming day to study for midterms just before spring break.


Or starting a new job.  Or fighting off shingles. Or just playing with a newborn fussypants.

This year was quiet. I was able to work from home. I accidentally made a lasagna.

Accdental lasagna
Bro how do you ‘accidentally make lasagna’?

It was a good day.

My wife got me a super kickass birthday present. I will soon have a proper ramen prep station when we host ramen night.

These are food service hotel pans with slotted lids for tongs and ladles. I am so stoked for this.
Current prep station
Current prep station in all its glory



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