Another batch of noodles in the fridge

NOODLE 06MAR18Another batch of 5 portions has been stored at 2-8C to age for 24hrs before use.

This time I remembered the riboflavin. I also remembered to get the noodles thinner before cutting. In the future I may even go thinner.

Kitchenaid noodle cutter
The little noodle scraps become baby food.

I cannot recommend the Kitchen-Aid pasta attachments enough if you are into making ramen noodles. So much more control and so much more freedom. Less elbow grease makes it all much more enjoyable.


I have found these noodles take 90 seconds or more to cook. I have a feeling I have been under cooking them. All the chatter about eating firm noodles before they go soggy has made me forget that a properly cooked noodle in hot broth has about 7-8 minutes before it is inedible. What do you think?

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