Life happens. But then life finds a way

Making my strides back to the blog after the arrival of my second baby. Somehow until you’ve overcome the 4 month sleep regression it doesn’t seem so important to make low moisture noodles and perform studies on the extraction and concentration of umami in the kitchen lab.

I’ve not been totally idle, however. I did take advantage of late night feedings and sleep deprivation to watch and study dozens of videos of Japanese home cooks all making ramen. I’ve noted 4-5 ways of cooking any one item and have added those to the arsenal. As I begin making ramen again, this seasons ramen will be the best yet. Maybe I’ll break out of my own patterns and make something more unique. Maybe I’ll find a way for the everyday American kitchen to produce a hot bowl of noodles worthy of the name Ramen.

Anyway I’m back. I love you all. Let’s make some effing ramen.

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