Googly eyed ramen

This is what happens when you:

  1. Are excited about new broth
  2. Are excited about new (larger) bowl
  3. Have reduced the portion size of noodles
  4. Forget all laws of physics
  5. Put together a bowl of ramen as normal and it all sinks to the bottom.



What happens next is that you lament the lack on Instagrammy ramen and go on and have your bowl of ramen.

You quickly forget that you reduced the portion of noodles from 140g to 100g. You still feel hungry.

You do a kadaema – second helping of noodles. You dress it up with your last ajitsuke tamago (egg).

Googly eyed ramen kadaema

You giggle and marvel at the googly-eyed tonkotsu ramen monster you have created. You eat the ramen. You feel overfull. You do not eat anything else for 12 hours.


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