Can I just revisit Samurai Ramen?

Let’s take a mental stroll back to the Ramen Expo 2017 that went down in Austin Texas last year.  I got in somehow as “press’ and was so stoked to be around my people I blathered out a basically incoherent account of my experience.  It was hot. It was salty. It was definitely not a ramen festival for samples. It was a way for restaurants to add ramen to their menus and keep it as authentic as possible.

I did get to talk to one ramen shop owner that really made and impression on me.  Tom from Samurai Ramen in Houston, TX gave me more samples than I could handle while we talked about BTU’s, about broth, and about noodles. We talked about franchising and noodle work as my face turned more and more red as I downed sample cup after sample cup. It was precisely the pipe dream I had in mind as a food blogger going to the Expo of my chosen field. He knew his shit. It was my job to know this man.

I want to check out Samurai Ramen and give them the attention they deserve.  Ramen review coming soon.


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