The”New-to-Me” Austin Ramen spot

I am fully aware that the last few months have seen the opening of a couple more shops in Austin and the relocation of one of my favorite lunchtime spots. I was going through some photos and found these from December 2017.

After we set out for ramen at the local and famous ramen-ya we were put off by the long long lines and decided to go for a drive. We ended up at Hanabi, a mostly sushi type place north of the river in Austin, Texas.  It is Korean owned and operated so there is a little peninsular twist to the menu items. I ain’t mad though. Donkotsu sure tastes like tonkotsu to me.


Here’s a link to their menu: Hanabi Sushi and Ramen

Overall I loved my meal here. Flavors were fresh and vibrant, the noodles were outstanding and the broth was heavenly. They even had happy hour pricing!


I would 10/10 recommend this place. It is funny that it is located around the back from Phonatic, which once was my favorite noodle shop in Austin, and now is just some noodleshop I used to know….

The Happy Hour special – miso ramen. Holy hell this was flavorful. I would recommend this to anyone coming to town.
I got the dipping noodles. The broth was stout and flavored heavily. Good noodles and toppings, too!
Dipping noodles were cold and chewy. Just how it should be.
I am a ramen fool and I couldn’t finish all of the dipping noodles. I did however, start with kara-age as an appetizer (happy hour prices..)

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