Cleaning up (boring, I know)

So if you have been keeping track I have been doing one style of ramen each week. That means some poor animal is sacrificed to the gods of ramen. Bones are split and blanched. Fat is rendered and flavored.  Broth is simmered and stored. Eggs are in constant motion. Toppings are crisped up and seasoned….

Another batch of noodles in the fridge

Another batch of 5 portions has been stored at 2-8C to age for 24hrs before use. This time I remembered the riboflavin. I also remembered to get the noodles thinner before cutting. In the future I may even go thinner. I cannot recommend the Kitchen-Aid pasta attachments enough if you are into making ramen noodles….

The big stink

Pressure and time. That’s all it takes. I followed u/ramen_lord‘s Pressure Cooker Tonkotsu recipe posted in the r/Ramen subreddit sidebar. It went pretty well. Here’s the rough rundown: Added 2 pigs feet and 4lb neck bones to pot Boiled for 10 minutes and skimmed Discarded water. washed bones. washed pot Added clean bones to clean…